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Frequently Asked Questions

What type or size of shed do I need?

Normally the customer is able to say what type or size of building would be best for them, but if you are at all unsure which kind would be most suited to your needs you can view our guide to buying a shed. If you still need help please contact a member of office staff, who will be happy to discuss and advise you of all your possibilities and options.

Where should I position my shed?

Very often, the position you place your shed depends upon the available space, but if you have no space restrictions your shed should be positioned away from trees and bushes, not too close to other buildings and with a small margin around it (about 18 inches?) so that the shed can be maintained/ painted. Water from dripping trees is acidic, and harmful to the roofing felt, so is advised against. Other than that it is perhaps wise to consider 'access' - especially for long and awkward items that are used less often. In any case our doors can be placed wherever is the most convenient for you, so access can be optimised for your specific needs.

Do I need to prepare a base for my shed?

Yes, you will need to have a flat, level base ready for when your shed is delivered. Concrete or paving stones usually provide a good level surface in most cases. If you are unsure or need any help please contact our help team or view our guide.

Do I need planning permission to erect my new shed?

Unless you are ordering a shed with a height of 2.5 metres or above, with a total floor area greater than 30 square metres, or are looking to erect your shed where it will obstruct a neighbour's view you will not need planning permission. Generally speaking, a shed is considered a 'temporary construction' that can be removed easily (if needs be), and so will not require planning permission. but would recommend you talk to your local council first.

How do I get rid of my old shed?

In some cases (depending if there are any other sheds on the van to be delivered) it is possible for us to take your shed away (at an extra cost), but this would have to be arranged first with our fitters through a member of staff. Usually the best (and cheapest) option is to advertise your old shed in a local newspaper - even for free, if the customer is prepared to collect? - as it is both costly and difficult for us (as a business) to dispose of old sheds. Or call your council as they sometimes offer a service to take away old sheds, depending what area you live in.

Is there any 'fake' wood in the construction? (ie. chipboard, OSB, etc.)

Definitely not! All our sheds are made from natural timber, and nothing else! Artificially prepared wood has a greatly reduced life expectancy - and the resins used in it's manufacture are often harmful to humans and other organic life forms. All our wood is FSC certified.

Does the shed come with windows fitted?

Yes. The windows can be positioned wherever you prefer (or can be decreased in size for security reasons), and extra windows can be added if desired. Our windows come complete with multi-flex glazing already fitted.

How secure will my shed be?

It is generally advised that you choose a suitable shed for your storage needs. Alarms and padlocks can be fitted to our sheds as a deterrent, but if valuables are to be stored it is perhaps advisable to see our range of Security sheds or Beast sheds as these have been designed specifically for maximum security.

How much weight can be loaded onto the floor of my shed?

A: Our floors have been subjected to the most stringent tests. We have even driven and parked cars and delivery trucks on floor sections over several days without any wear or damage to the floor section at all; and in terms of 'durability' we have been producing heavy duty workshops for over 15 years without ever having a complaint about any kind of floor failure from our customers. All our floors are made from solid timbers, and extra 'under floor runners' can be added if particularly heavy duty storage is required.

What options are there for me to pay for my purchase?

If you have any problems with your shed, please contact the after sales team here and they will start the process to resolve the situation.

How long does it take from ordering to delivery?

In almost all cases the time between order and delivery is no longer than 15 working days (depending on your delivery location and our workload). A time and date that is convenient with yourself may be arranged with our office staff either by telephone or email. In either case we will be able to let you know a fixed delivery time within 24 hours of your enquiry.

If I make an order online will my details be stored or passed on to another company for marketing purposes?

Most definitely not! Our belief is that it is wholly unacceptable practice to pass personal details of any kind on to any third party for any reasons whatsoever (unless 'legally' required to do so) without that person's full written consent. Your personal security is paramount to us, and for this reason also no information of any traceable kind is stored by us for longer than is absolutely necessary in order to successfully complete the transaction in hand.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not! The prices you see in our catalogue and on our web pages is the price you pay. It's that simple. Our prices include free wood treatment (undertaken at our premises), free delivery, and free installation by a team of experienced fitters. (The only exception to the case is that a small delivery charge may be added outside a 100 mile radius of the workshop - in which case: please contact a member of office staff in order to discuss available options - we will be happy to help!)

How will I assemble my shed?

You won't need to. Our specially trained team of fitters will do all the work for you (free of charge), so you've no need to worry about installation! All you have to do is tell or show us where you want it, and we'll do the rest!

What access is required to deliver and assemble my shed?

Of course this would largely depend upon the size of the shed you have purchased, but generally speaking most shed panels are no taller than 7 foot ('through' a house has proved to be a problem in the past - also some alleyways are a little restricted in height!). Good, clear, and 'safe' access for the fitters to get easily between the van and the shed location would be ideal, especially as several journeys to the van have to be made during the fitting process - usually carrying heavy and awkward panels. If access is restricted at your property please let us know, and we can make appropriate arrangements beforehand - some panels could even be made in sections if they are too tall for access to the property.

Can I assemble the shed myself?

If you would prefer to assemble the shed yourself you can arrange with our office staff for the shed to be just delivered to your property. A set of full assembly instructions will be left with the shed to ensure simple and easy construction details.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my shed?

After your shed is put up you will have the chance to examine it thoroughly before filling in a 'Customer Satisfaction Sheet'. If you are not satisfied with your shed we will make arrangements to compensate, correct, or even remove and give a full refund.

Does my shed need any maintenance?

Depending on which shed you buy there will be varying amounts of maintenance required to keep your shed in peak condition. With our Standard ranges of sheds this would be an initial treatment within 3 months of purchase with a wood preservative and then re-treating every year. With the Tanalised and Beast ranges of shed, we would recommend to retreat the shed on one occasion, in extreme weather conditions for extra protection in its life time (depending on environmental conditions and positioning of the shed (ie. badly situated, such as under a tree).

Can my shed be insulated?

Yes. Many customers find it desirable to insulate their sheds after purchase - especially when being used as a workshop or outdoor gymnasium.

Can I fit electrics into my shed?

Yes, however we recommend that electrical power points should only be fitted into your shed by a fully qualified electrician, in accordance with British Safety Standards. We do offer included electrical installations, however if you would like electrics installed after purchase we recommend

What should I do if my shed leaks?

It is highly unlikely that your shed will leak. However, if you do experience any problems with leaks we would advise you to contact a member of office staff immediately, and we will rectify the problem in the quickest way we possibly can!

What if I experience any other problems with my shed after it has been installed?

If you experience any problems whatsoever with your shed, contact us as soon as you can to let us know what you are experiencing. It would be extremely helpful if you could send us photographs of the affected part or area so we can quickly and accurately diagnose and resolve the underlying issue.